Drawbridge​/​Trailview Split

by Drawbridge/Trailview

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This record was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA by:
Side A (Drawbridge) - Scott Goodrich
Side B (Trailview) - Ben Hirschfield

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released September 30, 2013

All songs 1-3 written and preformed by Drawbridge
All songs 4-6 written and preformed by Trailview

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Drawbridge/Trailview California

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Track Name: Drawbridge - Grave Robber
Snap me in two, one for me and one for you
So you don't forget
You left me dry, stole my sight made me blind
But I still see, all the things you’ve done to me
All the things you've taken from me
You dug so deep, Stole my heart in my sleep
Lovers not friends you see
You found a home inside of me
Alone: so sweet
No one to share it with me, Afraid of your ghost
I guess I'll never truly be alone
It's okay dig my grave, Bury me just visit some days
We all take what we can get, Finding love in objects
Track Name: Drawbridge - Tombstones
Shower me with flowers, So her scent’s devoured
I can smell her now, I'll see you six feet underground
I will feel your touch, I will hear your laugh
You will tell me, “It's okay, life’s over now ”
Forcing myself to sleep With hopes of seeing you in my dreams
I never thought i would throw white daisies
In your casket laying on top of his
Now you two can see each other again
After years of you dreaming of him
Track Name: Drawbridge - Extremities
Tombstones on the drive home that no one mourns
But i mourn. I force myself to sleep, I’ll see you in my dreams.
If i was a fly I’d follow you all the time
Make sure your smile stays, one thing i’d never change
I’ ll be the chip on your tooth:
A mistake, an old memory you constantly chew
To tell you the truth, you’re a baby tooth i’d never lose
I’ll be your tooth ache, a constant pain to keep you awake
Lodged beneath your wisdom teeth
I'm just another thing you do not need
You cut off my wings and now I’m lingering
Between life and death, chance and regret
Flys dont enter closed mouths
So keep your shut cause in my dreams your teeth fell out
Flys dont enter closed mouths
So i keep mine shut to keep people like you out
Track Name: Trailview - Stoneheart
Break me in so I can ease a bit
My hearts a stone you’re carving in
Then maybe I can doubt the whispers
You were a vile piece in this verse
Looking back now I can seem to relate
Maybe I should take my time to fix this
But it’s troubling me with no effort to make it
I swear I would stay but I'm to far away
I’ve been watching you from miles away
I give and take and it ends all the same
Not once have I wasted times in this place
I never want a bridge to replace
And you’ve been hiding this from me all along
And now I'm finding that you were lying
You said the door was open but you never let me in
Track Name: Trailview - Built Up
You crept into my head a couple times this week
And like a fever you’re tying to make me weak
I should have talked to you and told you how I am
Because i’m colder now than i’ve ever been
This is the last time that I let you in
Sasha was the first girl that i loved after you
And if you take her from me well then it’s true (We're through)
I’ll write another hundred songs about you
Make you regret you ever came into my life
I’ll lie right to my face again just so i’m comfortable with
The job of keeping her around (and away from you)
Or am i more pre occupied with keeping her in; keeping you out
I built my walls again, how did I build you in
Track Name: Trailview - Gemini
You left my step stretch over me again
Where do you lie, when you tread on either bend
All this time wasted here its something I can't change
All this time wasted here how long will I wait
Ill mind your space and watch you leave like you did before
You don't know how I feel (you don't know how I feel)
wasting my time, you don't even act like you mind, You were right
Don't wanna face it, this Tract I hate it
Don't want to see you losing your self in everything.
Never consistent, but then you want to, and do I let you through,
a stifled tomb that you divide in two, how long will I wait.
Breathe in, don't want to face it. This heart of stone it breaks
at the base I can't replace.
I want love between our spaces. (I can't)